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To make data migration from a database to the HANA platform easier, ROFF has developed HANALYST by ROFF. This analysis tool is able to detect vulnerabilities in custom made code in each installation and delivers within just a few hours a complete report listing the problems and identified modifications, as well as an estimation of the correction effort.

It finds in a safe, simple and quick manner the mandatory and recommended corrections to obtain significant improvements in the performance of your system and to simplify the inevitable migration to a HANA database.

Main benefits:

  • Solution developed on SAP standard tools
  • Precise effort estimation calculated based on formulas and algorithms specifically developed by ROFF and on the actual history of the corrections made.
  • Presentation of the results in a report for easy checking and intuitive navigation
  • Solution that ensures safe migration and eliminates uncertainties associated with the process.
  • Cost reduction in migration projects