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  1. Founded in 1996
  2. Over 850 consultants
  3. Offices in Lisbon, Porto, Covilhã, Paris, Luanda, Stockholm, Casablanca, São Paulo, Macau, Nyon, Ciudad de México, Abidjan and Singapore
  4. 200 active clients in 2016
  5. Main Service Lines:
    1. Business Consulting 
    2. SAP Consulting 
    3. SAP Application Management 
    4. SAP Development Factory 
    5. SAP Training: ROFF Academy
  6. Vertical Solutions: smartlegal, smartbuild, smartpharma, smartservices, smartfood&bev
  7. Pre-Configured Projects: Upgrade SAP, poc2SNC, MergeXpress, Mod. 10
  8. Largest SAP partner in Portugal
  9. Largest VAR SAP in Portugal (Value Added Reseller) with over 100 active VAR contracts 
  10. Member of the SAP EMEA Partner Executive Council (PEC)
  11. Strong international expertise in 51 countries worldwide, including France, Switzerland, Sweden, Poland, Norway, Morocco, Algeria, Angola, Brazil, Peru, and USA
  12. Sales growth: 2% in 2016 when compared with the previous year
  13. ROFF Consultants:
    1. With an average SAP experience of over 7 years
    2. High talent retention rates and attractiveness of the company
    3. 107 consultants have the CAP
    4. 78 consultants with qualifications in Project Management