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ROFF Afrique Francophone

  1. Working in Ivory Coast since 2012
  2. Office in Abidjan since 2016
  3. Important capacity to adress French-speaking markets
  4. Develop local system and expertise and search, with SAP, all new business and new market segment opportunities

ROFF Mexico

  1. Office in Ciudad de México since 2016
  2. Mexico as the new technological hub of Latin America
  3. Nearshore model in line with market expectations and with the local culture


ROFF Suisse

  1. Working in Switzerland since 2007
  2. Office in Nyon since 2013
  3. Improve service and support to our local clients
  4. Continuously explore opportunities in European market


ROFF Macau

  1. Working in Asia since 2008
  2. Office in Macau since 2013
  3. Follow our clients (global companies) who are moving to Asia
  4. Assure a 3rd shift for 24hrs of global support operations
  5. Explore opportunities in an immense market in a close partnership with SAP


ROFF Brazil

  1. Involvement in projects in Brazil since 1998
  2. Inauguration of the office in São Paulo in 2012
  3. Approach: ROFF Brazil will explore, together with SAP, new business opportunities in Brazil and Latin America, gain new customers, assist ROFF customers in internationalisation and enhance the services provided by the various ROFF teams working remotely in different countries, such as SAP Application Maintenance (SAM), SAP Development Factory (SDF) and Adm 24*7



ROFF France

  1. Working in France since 2000
  2. Inauguration of the office in Paris in 2007
  3. Approach: Expansion of existing SAP competencies and adaptation of SAP solutions to the French market; make use of the Portugal competency centre to provide SAP services at a competitive cost

ROFFtec Angola

  1. Working in Angola since 2005
  2. Inauguration of the office in Luanda in 2006
  3. Partner of the SAP Africa Region since Dezembro 2007
  4. Largest SAP Service Partner in Angola with 30 local consultants
  5. Approach: Recruit Angolan talents , investing in their training in Portugal. Send experienced Portuguese consultants to Luanda on a temporary basis



ROFF Nordic


  1. Working in Scandinavia since 2009
  2. Inauguration of the office in Stockholm in 2010
  3. Sectorial focus on trading industries (retail and wholesale)
  4. Sweden as a base: Size, Centrality and Geography
  5. Approach: Maximize value for the clients on-site drawing from large Portuguese resources base, experience and cultural proximity

ROFF Maroc


  1. Working in Northern Africa since 2006
  2. Office in Casablanca since 2011
  3. Approach: Develop local ecosystem and expertise and search, with SAP, all new business and new market segment opportunities
  4. Important capacity to address French-speaking markets


ROFFsdf Covilhã


  1. Company set up in 2009 to complement the activities of the SAP Development Factory that was already operating in Lisbon
  2. Operates in partnership with the University of Beira Interior, absorbing the institution's recent young graduates and contributing to the municipality's economic development

ROFF Portugal

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