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Success Story: Tensai

Tensai was using an ERP system that didn't match their expectations. As such, the company searched the market for a solution that could solve their problems and SAP was their choice. Learn about the success story of the implementation of the SAP ERP solution at Tensai.

View the success story of Tensai here.


According to Fernando Soares, IT responsible at Tensai, "ROFF was the company that offered the best guarantees of a successful implementation and a high-quality support". ROFF was "important during the project process, carrying it out seamlessly", he added.


Why SAP?
When asked about choosing SAP, Fernando Soares explained that "Tensai had an ERP that didn't match  the expectations. My co-workers spent too much time validating data. On the other hand, we didn't regard it as a future solution for the company.  Based on that, we started searching the market and we analyzed around five solutions.  However, the choice was easy and we opted for SAP".



  1. Optimization of stocks and production centers;
  2. Increased global efficiency and productivity by reducing the time spent on the stages of adjustment, articulation of products/sales and automation of certain tasks.
  3. Optimizing the decision process, by analyzing each functional area or via integrated view.
  4. Scalability and international application, monitoring the functional and technological growth and evolution of Tensai Indústria, S.A., with a software that can be used in multiple countries/languages, from a single central website.



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