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Solution for the construction sector

This platform, developed for the construction sector, makes it possible to integrate all client companies' usual processes of engineering, procurement, construction, operational and project and materials management, so that the decision-making process can be effectively based on the reality of the organization.

smartbuild by ROFF is an innovative tool for all the functional areas of engineering/construction companies. It results in more informed management and monitors the possible changes that occur on a daily basis.

A solution based on SAP Best Business Practices will make it possible to implement a fully integrated user-friendly IT system.


Principal Advantages:
  1. Solution based on Best Business Practices – adoption of standards
  2. Fast implementation with low impact on the organization
  3. Low cost of investment
  4. Faster organization response speed
  5. Greater reliability of corporate data
  6. Use of up-to-date open technology with reduction in ownership cost
  7. Fully integrated user-friendly system
  8. Flexible adaptation to SAP environments in various markets
  9. Solutions for business mobility: applications, platforms and mobile services
  10. Secure access at anytime, anywhere and on any device
  11. Integration with SAP Business Intelligence Solutions
  12. Effective, informed decisions based on sound data and analysis


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