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Solution for the pharmaceutical industry and distribution

The SAP smartpharma by ROFF Business All-in-One grew out of the need to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry and distribution. It was developed using processes pre-configured on the well-known modular architecture of SAP's ERP solutions, taking into account the specific characteristics of this industry and applicable legislation.

The tool was designed to be used across all company areas with a view to promoting efficiency, flexibility and integration. It is based on an architecture aimed at the future evolution of the systems, which makes it possible to constantly take advantage of new versions and developments provided by SAP.


General advantages
  1. High number of pre-set processes and specific definitions for the pharmaceutical industry;
  2. Combines in a single product the benefits of an ERP and the advantages of implementation;
  3. Fast implementation —> Low investment;
  4. Use of the sector's best business practices;
  5. Solution based on what is recognized to be the best current ERP solution, a market leader, thus providing an entry into a world of expansion and development;
  6. Possibility of obtaining a top-of-the-range solution at a low investment, maximizing the ROI.


Advantages for financial and sales areas
  1. Sales reports and analyses by distribution channel;
  2. Profitability analyses by brick, sales managers and regional heads of sales;
  3. Payment to suppliers via the automatic payment program, according to the expiry date of the invoices, by bank transfer (PS2) and postal cheque;
  4. Issue of receipts a priori;
  5. Efficient management of the company's tangible and intangible fixed assets;
  6. Easy production of legal charts;
  7. Pre-set printing layouts for all company areas.


Advantages for production and quality areas
  1. Verification and control of the cost of the product throughout the production process;
  2. High level of reliability in the inventory and all stock management;
  3. Smartpharma by ROFF's pre-configuration of production processes is based on the SAP ERP PP-PI module, developed to reflect the pharmaceutical industry's manufacturing processes;
  4. Solution developed in light of GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices);
  5. Automatic verification of batches of raw material, based on the FEFO strategy, for the manufacture of the medicine (bulk);
  6. The Quality area is subject to the processes of the entire logistical chain;
  7. In the smartpharma by ROFF solution, the quality management area makes it possible to check physical/chemical and microbiological analyses;
  8. Traceability of batches throughout the logistical chain.


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