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Solution for municipalities

The smartmunicipal by ROFF solution was studied and developed in order to provide greater control in both the accounting/financial and in the more operational sectors. There was great concern to structure the application so as to obtain maximum efficiency in controlling and monitoring the more operational (and consequently less central) areas, which are dependent on the management of human resources, materials, equipment and warehouses.

The aim of smartmunicipal by ROFF is to provide comprehensive municipal management so as to guarantee effective council management and future integration with both municipal companies and parish councils. This is a SAP Business All-in-One management solution where the chief goals are: to respond to the municipality's everyday problems and to provide the information necessary for real-time decision-making.

The competitive advantage of this vertical model for municipal management is its total integration, which gives it a capacity for very detailed analysis that also covers the whole process. Another of the features that bring added value to this application is control of sectors like maintenance and works from an analytical standpoint and taking account of costs.

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