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Positivity by ROFF

ROFF is aware of the importance of having a socially responsible approach to the environment and the various stakeholders, and has therefore taken a number of steps to implement an integrated plan for sustainable corporate responsibility.


  1. Partnership with Associação Humanidades (Patronage; Corporate Volunteering; Promotion of Intellectual and Personal Development)
    1. ROFF has been collaborating with Associação Humanidades since 2007 through a partnership focused on intervention in the social sectors of health, education and inclusion. Actions and interactions have included: Patronage; Corporate Volunteering; Promotion of Intellectual and Personal Development. This is a partnership which respects values such as engagement, involvement and shared responsibility.

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  2. Promotion of socially and economically disadvantaged areas
    1. ROFF is aware of the importance of fostering economic growth in deprived areas. It has installed one of its Development Centres, the SAP Development Factory, in Covilhã, thereby involving recent graduates from the University of Beira-Interior, retaining human capital in the area and stimulating regional development. Along with this, ROFF has provided regular support to the parish of Coja by donating computer material and organizing activities for the area's underprivileged children.


      Given the company's close links with inland Portugal, and specifically with the region around Covilhã, ROFF supports the Centro Cultural e Desportivo Amigos do Basquete da Covilhã (Covilhã Cultural and Basketball Sports Centre).
      ROFF also promotes culture and is supporting art exhibitions in Arganil so that school groups from the region have to access these exhibitions free-of-charge.
  3. Sponsorship of Francisco Lobato
    1. ROFF sees its sponsorship of lone sailor Francisco Lobato as a corporate commitment that has become an opportunity for mutual promotion. Francisco Lobato is an exceptional top athlete, ranked as the world leader in his category since he entered it, who had no sponsorship to participate in the legendary Transat 6.5 regatta four months from the event. ROFF is very proud to have had the chance to support a young champion at the start of his sporting career, who is likely to achieve prominence in the international arena.

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  4. Partnership with MTV Staying alive Foundation
    1. With the aim of supporting this foundation, ROFF has made resources available to develop all the digital communications of this institution. Find out more about the project here.

In-house Public

  1. Close, lasting relationships with every employee
    1. At ROFF people are treated and addressed informally. Relationships between colleagues often reach beyond the professional relationship and timetable.

  2. Diversity and equal opportunities
    1. The management wants all employees to be able to develop professionally and this opportunity is given to everyone. ROFF is recognized for its diversity, tolerance and multiculturalism.

  3. Professional development, staff, training and education
    1. ROFF's internal structure includes a training department that provides staff with a personal and professional enrichment plan in a wide variety of areas, which assists their development in a range of fields.

  4. Transparency in performance and assessment
    1. Assessments are conducted openly.

  5. Policy of recognition and rewards
    1. Every year ROFF offers prizes to staff and rewards for best performances in projects.

  6. Promotion of health, safety and well-being
    1. All ROFF employees have a health insurance policy that also covers their families. There are contracts with gyms and health clubs. ROFF offers its staff free fresh fruit on a daily basis.

  7. Incentive to take part in sports
    1. ROFF supports staff who take part in highly competitive sports and organizes games and sports activities. ROFF provides employees with bicycles for use during the day

  8. Maternity/paternity support
    1. Besides the benefits due under the law, ROFF offers its staff flexible hours and the option of working from home in order to give support to their families

  9. Close relationship with department heads and management
    1. ROFF's managers always have the door open to receive and listen to their employees.

  10. Incentive to participate in Social Responsibility activities
    1. ROFF advocates that social responsibility forms part of our corporate principles and values and involves our employees in its actions, namely:


      • Donating blood every 6 months
      • Collection of potential bone marrow donors
      • Team building activities fostering solidarity (for example, the painting of the Rodrigo School in Covilhã and the reorganisation of the divisions/partitions in the premises of the Associação Humanidades (Humanities Association)).


  1. Motivating employees to take part in ecological practices
    1. Disclosing good practices by email (project underway). ROFF provides its employees with bicycles for use during the day.

  2. Promotion of reduction in paper consumption
    1. We are in favour of printing only what is necessary; this is apparent in the email signature; one of the company's main working tools.

  3. Effective use of water and energy
  4. Recycling of various materials: ReciclOFF Project
    1. At the ROFF ecopoint –ReciclOFF Project – we collect not only normal materials (paper, plastic and glass), but also batteries, plastic tops, printer cartridges, toners, X-rays and mobile phones, and we will soon be collecting other things (implementation of project underway).


  1. Close, trusting and transparent relationship with clients
    1. ROFF's modus operandi is based on these pillars, as this is the only way to be the Key Partner and provide the high-quality services for which we are recognized in the market.

  2. Socially responsible communication policy
    1. The Marketing Department acts in accordance with the vision, mission and values of the company, which are marked by a responsible, aware and integrated approach to the form, means and contents that it communicates and promotes.

  3. Quality Policy
    1. Recognizing the importance of its Quality Management System, implemented according to the current benchmark of the NP EN ISO 9001:2008 standard, ROFF decided to submit its assessment to the competent certifying body. ROFF is aware that this certification represents an extra responsibility for its clients, suppliers and all its employees, and also believes that it is a driver for the company's success, in constant adaptation to its goals of progress and development, and a factor that inspires trust and sets it apart in its target market.

  4. Promotion of a variety of high-quality services suited to client needs

Suppliers/ Partners

  1. Stringent criteria in selecting partners.
    1. Aware that including partners is a key factor for ROFF's competitiveness and recognition in the market as a credible company focused on satisfying clients and other stakeholders, we follow a stringent procedure when we select our business partners.