ROFF award distinguishes Portuguese Air Force graduate

Second Lieutenant Tomás De Oliveira Barros was the best university student to graduate in complementary military education, with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering.

ROFF/Inetum, the leading company in the Portuguese market in the implementation of SAP solutions, distinguished university student Tomás De Oliveira Barros, who concluded his complementary military education degree with the highest mark  at national level. Second Lieutenant Tomás De Oliveira Barros completed his degree in Aeronautical Engineering with the average of 15.39.

"it is with great pride and excitement that we distinguish with the "ROFF Award" one of the best students in the Air Force, acknowledging the excellence of military higher education at the Air Force Academy, which prepares highly qualified military staff every year with skills in various areas. In this particular case, ROFF/Inetum rewards Second Lieutenant Tomás De Oliveira Barros, who completed his Aeronautical Engineering degree with flying colours".

Francisco Febrero, Group Corporate VP & CEO SAP BL & Head of Portugal da Inetum

The award was presented during the solemn opening ceremony of the Air Force Academy (AFA) Academic Year on 30th October, which was broadcast via streaming on the AFA Social Media due to restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Air Force Academy currently offers degrees in Aeronautical Engineering, Aerodrome Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Aeronautical Administration. In 2006, the AFA began restructuring university degrees in order to adapt study plans to the Bologna Process. In addition to public military higher education degrees, the AFA also stands out in several national and international scientific research projects.