ROFF distinguished by SAP as "Largest Business Partner" in Portugal

For the eighth consecutive year, ROFF has been announced as the "Largest Portuguese Business Partner" by SAP, achieving, as it has, the most mid-market sales. The company also received the "Best Marketing" award, in recognition of the contribution by ROFF's work to the results achieved by SAP last year.

ROFF strengthened its position during 2011 as leader of the Portuguese market in the implementation of SAP solutions and also developed its internationalisation policy. In the year in which it celebrated its 15th anniversary, ROFF set up in two international markets, covering Northern Europe and Africa, with the commencement of operations in Stockholm and Casablanca, respectively. The company, besides continuing to expand the business abroad, registered 15% growth in turnover in the domestic market, highlighting the commitment to its domestic customers.

"Strategic alignment, investment capacity, results, commitment, innovation, team and service quality are elements that ensure ROFF posts impressive results every year and make it the largest partner of SAP Portugal." 

Vitor Bezelga, Partner Account Manager, Ecosystem & Channels of SAP Portugal

Paulo Almeida, Marketing Manager of SAP Portugal, said in relation to the "Best Marketing" award that "the marketing teams of all sectors of activity play an increasingly central role in the development of new business opportunities and growth of the sales cycle. The SAP ecosystem is no exception to these "new business rules", adding that "during 2011, our partner ROFF played a fundamental and decisive role in the positioning of the SAP Brand."

"The ROFF team is proud to operate SAP because it offers our customers a guarantee of quality and efficiency. This award is recognition for the work done every day by highly qualified professionals, which allows us to achieve very ambitious goals year after year, and it is proof of our dedication to domestic customers."

Francisco Febrero, CEO of ROFF