ROFF is hiring 200 SAP consultants and 30 OutSystems consultants in 2019

ROFF, member of the Gfi group and leading company in the implementation and management of SAP solutions, is hiring 200 new SAP consultants and 30 new OutSystems consultants in 2019, in order to meet the strong growth in these activity areas. The tech consulting company has currently over 1000 employees and foresees reaching a 78 million Euro turnover this year.

“During the previous years, ROFF has maintained a strategy focused on the business structure of both big companies and SMEs, strongly tied to internationalisation, and based on opening new branches in Europe, Africa, South America and Asia, as well as on Gfi’s sales channels. We focus on segmented and assertive offers fitting the size of the companies. This way we can reach new clients and also manage the existing clients by cooperating with them in the adoption of the most recent generations of products, particularly the HANA technology and the S/4 HANA platform.”

Francisco Febrero, ROFF's CEO

During 2018, ROFF has already hired 191 new consultants. From the total amount of hired employees, 97 had just graduated.

Silvia Gusmão, ROFF’s director of Human Resources, Training and Quality explains that “next year we will expand the team according to the emergence of new projects, so the growth is made in a sustainable way”.

The company is looking for new candidates who can easily fit in ROFF’s culture, and who are dynamic, proactive and have ease in interpersonal relationships, as well as a solid knowledge in foreign languages, especially in English and French. Regarding inexperienced employees, ROFF is searching, above all, for candidates with a college degree, preferably in Management, Computer Management, Information Systems, Logistics and Engineering.

The new positions are for employees with experience in areas such as programming and SAP and OutSystems consulting, but also for young candidates interested in starting their careers with ROFF. “Hiring recently graduated candidates is an approach which was always part of ROFF’s human resource management . In fact, it is an approach the company intends to maintain in the coming years”, emphasises Sílvia Gusmão.

“ROFF also values employees who demonstrate the ability to embrace new challenges and experiences, either nationally or internationally. We are a company with a presence in very different markets such as Europe, Africa and South America, and that leads us to look for employees who are open to a career outside Portugal”, states ROFF’s director of Human Resources, Training and Quality.

The recruitment process, which allows candidates to join the staff of  company with multiple “Great Place to Work” awards, takes place when the vacant positions are posted on the company’s official site and online recruitment platforms.