ROFF opens new branch in Sweden

This investment reinforces the internationalization strategy pursued by the company, which hopes to turn over around three million euros in its first year of business in the Nordic market.

ROFF aims to expand the nearshoring services provided by the company and exploit, together with the local SAP, all the opportunities to attract new clients and market segments. It expects to invest a million euros in this market over the next three years in indirect costs alone. Direct costs will vary in accordance with the volume of services contracted.

In the initial stage ROFF Nordic will operate with five employees based in Stockholm, backed up by local resources. The knowledge and experience acquired through the projects developed in Northern Europe and the flexibility of its services offer ROFF unique technical competencies that guarantee it a high degree of competitiveness.

"ROFF has been operating in the Nordic countries on an ongoing basis since late 2008. This local presence, sometimes with a much larger staff contingent, has given us an excellent insight into the opportunities and market potential. We know we can be quite competitive due to our competence and flexibility, which enable us to meet the needs of our clients without prejudice to the cost of our services"

Francisco Febrero, CEO of ROFF

On the choice of Stockholm for the new branch office, ROFF's CEO points out that "it was mainly due to its central position. Its excellent geographical location will facilitate contact with the whole region. It is also the capital city of the country with the largest market in Scandinavia."

ROFF launched its internationalization strategy in 2006 by opening offices in Paris and Luanda to meet the growing demand and recognition of its quality services in Europe and Africa, respectively. Since then the company has been developing operations in other countries, such as Switzerland, and in a number of equally strategic regions like North Africa, the Middle East and South America.