ROFF stands out in the SAP Quality Awards with RTP and UCPA projects

ROFF chose the 2010 SAP Quality Awards to submit for the first time two projects in the competition that presents awards for the highest quality of project management, processes employed and results obtained.

The choice fell on two ROFF/SAP success stories: RTP in Portugal and UCPA in France, in the SME category. In both cases the result exceeded all expectations, with ROFF and its clients winning awards. RTP was nominated Bronze Winner in the Iberian Peninsula from among 17 entrants, and was the first large Portuguese company to be distinguished with this honour. UCPA won the top position on the podium in the Gold Winner category in France.

The RTP project received the award for having accomplished all its ambitious initial goals and for the impressive return obtained, including a drastic reduction in administrative teams, a new paperless reality and full integration in real time between the business support operative systems and core business management. This was achieved through the use of SAP PI. Another of the criteria that produced this brilliant result was the comprehensive streamlining of processes, necessary in order to apply the sector's best business practices, for which RTP has become a benchmark in Portugal. The benefits for RTP as a result of this project include the real-time visibility of all financial information and third-party liabilities for the company's entire management structure, accurate processing of the salaries of the 2,500 employees and swift, efficient year-end closings.

The Union Nationale des Centres Sportifs de Plein Air (UCPA) is a French non-profit association whose main mission is to promote the practice of sports in France. ROFF's collaboration with UCPA resulted in a successful solution that was implemented in only seven months. This SAP Business All-in-One solution led to the standardization of processes in the areas of accounting, fixed asset management, management control, and procurement and supply control through the use of SAP best practices, thus guaranteeing the integrated management of the business. Among the benefits provided by this platform, it is worth highlighting the improvement in the quality of accounting information, the elimination of paper invoices from suppliers, the creation of performance indicators – resulting in more effective control at all levels of the organization – and the simplification of local administrative tasks. The overall result was an increase in the institution's general productivity. One of the characteristics appreciated by the jury was the fact that this system was designed on the basis of SAP best practices, without tailor-made developments.