SAP, ROFF and NextReality unveil an innovative project and allow for a new work method at Trivalor Group

SAP, ROFF e NextReality revelam projeto inovador e permitem uma nova forma de trabalho no grupo Trivalor

Specifically designed and developed for Trivalor Group, SAP, NextReality and ROFF just unveiled an innovation initiative that covers the adoption of innovative technologies in a real-life environment, more precisely as regards warehouse management processes.

This innovation project - whose integration with SAP was implemented by consulting company ROFF - is based on an assisted reality solution developed by NextReality that uses RealWear smart glasses and is applied to the conference process after picking the warehouse items of one of the companies from the Trivalor Group, Sogenave – one of the largest Portuguese companies specialised in food and non-food delivery. This solution brings the concept of augmented worker into the everyday life of the employees of Trivalor Group, given that it bases the performance of their daily tasks on Assisted Reality (AR) technologies.

The project took three months from the design stage until its use, and the assisted reality technology under test proved that it could perform the process efficiently, while additionally allowing employees to handle it without using their hands. With this solution, each employee gains greater flexibility and no longer uses the usual scanning devices, obtaining full control over all operations thanks to information provided within his visual field, combined with voice commands and the possibility of image recognition.

Within this partnership, SAP’s solution combines the bidirectional connection between assisted reality glasses and context information on warehouse management processes provided by SAP’s business management software. This interconnection was made by ROFF, while the display of tools in assisted reality was added by NextReality.

When addressing the undertaking of this initiative, Luís Urmal Carrasqueira, general manager at SAP Portugal, mentioned that ‘it is an excellent example of SAP’s ability to co-innovate with its clients and partners. This pioneering initiative in Portugal proves that it is possible to adopt and test innovation in real-world contexts in the short term, in order to achieve a quick assessment of the corresponding value for the business of companies’.

‘Seeking new ways to improve the efficiency of our management processes allowed us to learn that we can add new execution capabilities for our employees. To this end, it is in our interest to extend this technology to other business processes in the group, despite its early stage of development’.

Luís Ferreira, CIO of Trivalor group

Francisco Febrero, ROFF’s CEO, mentioned that ‘we are aware that digital transformation is not a promise. It is happening now and can have a direct impact on how companies operate. We support our clients along that path because we know that digital companies will have a competitive edge over the competition and improve the experience of their clients’.

In the eyes of Eduardo Vieitas, CEO at NextReality, ‘assisted and augmented reality raises digital transformation in Portuguese and multinationals companies on a daily basis. This project shows our ability to use disruptive technologies for the benefit of business processes, optimising the tasks of employees and providing required information through a hands-free system’.

Trivalor has operated for over 50 years and is a holding with 100% Portuguese capital that employs more than 30,000 workers and had a turnover of 870 million Euros in 2017.