ROFF opens third software development centre in Portugal

ROFF, a Gfi Group company and national leader in the implementation of SAP solutions, has chosen the city of Bragança for the installation of its third software development centre – SAP Development Factory (SDF).

Francisco Febrero, CEO of ROFF, explains, “The need to broaden the skills and sustain the growth of the business justify this expansion with another SAP Development Factory centre in Portugal. One of the factors that led ROFF to choose this city was the local support, as well as the know-how we can ask for from the Bragança Polytechnic Institute.

The object of the Bragança centre, which began operations at the end of 2017, is the standardised production of software for global clients. It already has ten programming consultants, and in the next three years, ROFF foresees tripling the current number of team members at Bragança. Presently, this centre is responsible for the remote development of 68 active clients, 70% of whom are located outside Portugal.

In deciding where to set up the third technological centre, ROFF made a preliminary study that showed that Bragança offered the guarantee of quality training in the field of computers plus a set of support infrastructures. ROFF concluded that the Bragança Polytechnic Institute and the Bragança City Hall, in conjunction with the support of the private company that manages Brigantia EcoPark – Parque de Ciência e Tecnologia, offer a positive response to all the needs required by this software factory.

ROFF believes that this SAP Development Factory in Bragança will make an important contribution to local development, as was the case in Covilhã, providing support for the permanence of young people in this interior region. This project is another example of how companies, public institutions of learning and local government can cooperate and promote regional development,” Francisco Febrero pointed out.

In the concrete case of the pole at Covilhã, the strategic partnership established between ROFF and UBI – University of Beira Interior has been fundamental in attracting young people who have recently received their degrees in Computer Engineering. These young people have access to training programmes with experienced consultants, and later they have the possibility of joining the staff of the company distinguished as the “Great Place to Work”, the best large company to work for in our country.

But ROFF underscores the fact that the success of this type of investment always depends on the companies’ ability to generate competitive working conditions and to bet on innovative services that are tailor-made for each client.

SAP Development Factory by ROFF is headquartered in Covilhã

The SAP Development Factory has its headquarters in Covilhã, but it operates in coordination with the centres in Lisbon, Bragança, Brazil and Mexico. These five poles make up a team that is dedicated to the production of software, enhancing the internationalisation strategy of the company through the provision of services in a regime of nearshoring. Currently, the development centres of Lisbon, Covilhã and Bragança provide services for the planning, building and implementation of applications, which include processes of functional analysis and design, technical analysis, building and testing.

“The SAP Development Factory by ROFF, made up of an experienced team of programmers specialised in SAP, meets the needs of our clients related to the creation of new solutions, tailor-made and in line with the highest standards of quality and execution. Using this model, clients can reduce their costs, whilst we, at the same time, guarantee maximum quality in service,” says Francisco Febrero.

SDF timeline in Portugal

  • 2007: 1st SAP software development centre installed in Lisbon – the SAP Development Factory
  • 2009: Creation of the SAP Development Factory pole in Covilhã
  • 2017: Creation of the SAP Development Factory pole in Bragança

SDF numbers in Portugal

  • ROFF in Covilhã: 25 programming consultants
  • ROFF in Bragança: 10 programming consultants
  • ROFF in Lisbon: 42 programming consultants