ROFF teaches extracurricular OutSystems unit at the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança

ROFF, a Gfi group company, is teaching a new extracurricular unit about the OutSystems technology in the scope of the protocol signed between the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança (IPB) and the consulting company.

This new extracurricular unit will be taught during the second semester of the 2019/2020 school year, and will provide the students from ESTiG (School of Technology and Management of Bragança) with OutSystems skills, including the development of an app using this low-code technology. The extracurricular unit will feature 120 school hours and includes a certification in this development platform.

Francisco Febrero, CEO of ROFF, clarifies that “ROFF has been trying to sustainably create partnerships that allow us to strengthen and develop our skills in the OutSystems technology. By promoting synergies with partners such as IPB and OutSystems, we decided to support the training in this platform for the future of new professionals in the IT area, by using the knowledge and technical experience we gained throughout our 17-year partnership.”

To Gonçalo Gaiolas, Vice-president of OuTSystems, “this partnership between the OutSystems tech company, IPB and ROFF will equip the students of the Institute with the digital skills that are most sought after in the tech world, and thus accelerate their integration in the job market. This agreement is another important step in the education strategy established by OutSystems, which has been fostering the creation of job openings in areas with low population density all across the country.”

Orlando Rodrigues, President of IPB, says that “IPB has been establishing itself as an ecosystem for the co-creation of innovation, involving the scientific community and the students in solid partnerships with companies and organisations, and aiming to create a regional economy based on knowledge and with a strong international connection. IPB’s educational innovation projects have been supported by a closer proximity to the companies, the economy and society, where students can immerse themselves in real environments, both corporate and applied scientific research. The ROFF/OutSystems partnership is an important contribution to IPB’s strategy, providing the students with training opportunities that are heavily connected to the job market.”

ROFF’s technological centre in Bragança started at the end of 2017, and its goal is the standardised production of software for global clients. It already employs a total of 22 programming consultants. ROFF aims to bolster the number of workers in the Bragança team. Currently, this centre is in charge of the remote development for several active clients, located mainly in Portugal and Switzerland.