ROFF wins the EDPartners award in the "Sharing of good practices" category

ROFF, the leading company in the implementation of SAP solutions, was the winner in the "Sharing of Good Practices" category in the 3rd edition of the EDPartners awards, an initiative that aims at strengthening the recognition of the best partners of the EDP group in Spain and Portugal.

The award, obtained for the collaboration with the EDP Group, acknowledged the SIM ES (Multi-geography Integrated System for EDP in Spain) project thanks to the benefits achieved in the different areas of interaction.

The SIM ES Project, which is part of the SIM Programme, was launched on March 2015 and its main purpose was to standardise, simplify and integrate business processes in all the companies and geographies of the EDP Group, following the best market practices and all the standard SAP features. The go-live of the new system was launched in the beginning of 2017, completing a two-year work cycle.

"This award, as well as the results of the project and the partnership relation established with EDP throughout the years are, for us, an assurance that we continue to perform a good job as a relevant consulting service provider to EDP."

Francisco Febrero, CEO of ROFF

In this Programme all processes are implemented in a single SAP system, common to all the business units, with a strong architecture able to support EDP's evolution and sustained growth.

The purpose of the EDPartners awards consists in recognising and promoting the adoption of good practices in key areas for the competitiveness of the EDP Group and its suppliers, distinguishing the projects that are most in-sync and committed with the Group's goals.