As a training entity certified by DGERT since 2008, ROFF has a vast experience in the education area. As a result of this experience and the evolving demands of companies in the technology market, ROFF has been certified and recognised by SAP as an SAP Education Partner.

Our ambition is to share this knowledge with our clients, providing their professionals with a wider set of skills that matches the real needs of each organisation. We want to help each of our clients to have professionals who are capable of meeting the challenges of their SAP ERP, whether it is in the ECC or S/HANA - Cloud version.

SAP Training and Certification
Formação e Certificação SAP
  • 1 training centre in Lisbon
  • 5 training rooms with capacity for 50 trainees
  • E-learning training
  • Highly experienced trainers in the consulting field
  • Training plan designed and accompanied by an educational coordinator
  • Access to official SAP systems and manuals
  • Participation certificate issued by SAP (SAP Education Program)

In line with the SAP Education department, we can contribute to increasing your company's productivity through process innovation, but we also contribute to the development and retention of talent within your organisation.

We offer a full range of courses and certifications that allow you to make the most of your SAP solutions and generate more revenue for your organisation. With the preparation of a training plan, we can manage internal talent and develop the skills of the end users and/or IT technicians - with face-to-face and/or online courses – using the market-leading training software. Contact us now and learn about our SAP training programs.

Formação e Certificação SAP

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